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Home > Products > Stand Alone Alarm > Smoke & Co Combination > SC-83

* Ceiling or wall mounting
* Easy to install with mounting hardware included
* It will emit four short alarm beeps when Carbon Monoxide is detected
* It will emit continuous beeps when smoke is detected.
* It will emit continuous beeps when both smoke and carbon monoxide are detected at the same time.
* 9VDC battery
* Self Test Function ,Suitable for any room
* Flash alarm indicator (red)
* Low battery signal
* Safety clip feature, not allow mounting of smoke alarm without battery installed
* Photoelectric chamber for early detection from all directions
* High sensitivity carbon monoxide sensor
* Loud 85dB alarm signal

Power Supply
9V Carbon Zinc Battery
9V battery back-up
battery life is 1 year
Alarm Sensitivity
CO: 100±50ppm; Smoke: 1%~5%/FT OBS
Rated Current
Static Current: 100uA, Alarm Current: 75mA
Working Humidity
20% to 90%R.H
Working Temperature
-10 to 60
Sound Level

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